The Endorsement Stamp Solution for Financial Institutions!  


Fast  Simple Ordering!  With the simple On-Line Stamp order entry program, customer orders are input, proofed, and submitted for production within 2-3 minutes.  Branch specific information such as billing number and address are maintained on the database which eliminates the need to re-input the data on ach order.  All order histories are maintained and password protected for later inquiries or re-orders. For an on-line demonstration, please contact our sales department.


Manufacturer Direct Processing!  On-Line Stamp is the manufacturer!  All orders are produced in our modern state of the art facility.  We control the production process from the downloading of orders on the front end to the shipping on the back end. 


Next Day Shipping!  All orders placed using the On-Line Stamp system ship the next business day.  Standard delivery is via First Class Mail.  We also offer UPS and express overnight delivery upon request.  Rush orders are never a problem!   


Expanded Product Selection!  All On-Line Stamp customers can order self-inking, pre-inked, heavy duty, or regular rubber endorsement stamps.  We also offer a complete line of daters, numbering machines, engraved nameplates, inks & pads, custom signage, seals, and other corporate supplies.


Competitive Pricing!  On-Line Stamp technology lowers production costs and allows us to pass the savings along to our customers.  Our low base pricing is normally 30% - 50% lower than the check printers.  And, unlike most local stamp manufacturers, we charge by product mount type rather than a line rate.     


Superior Product Quality!  On-Line Stamp technology improves quality by allowing our customers to proof the image of the stamp as well as shipping and billing information  prior to submitting the order.  Typos are caught and corrected on the spot.  In addition, only the finest quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing process.  Any defective products are replaced immediately at no cost.


Upcharge Revenue Program! On-Line Stamp offers an additional source of revenue with our upcharge program.  We offer our customers the option of having two levels of pricing.  The first level is our base or "bill branch" price.  This is our lowest product pricing and includes tax and delivery.  The second level is our retail or "bill customer" price.  The retail pricing includes tax, delivery, and an upcharge which is automatically credited to the Bank's upcharge account.  Our low base pricing allows our customers to earn more revenue on "bill customer" orders while at the same time lowering the retail prices paid by the Bank's customers.


ACH Billing & Reporting!  On-Line Stamp is an ACH originator and can debit your customer accounts directly.  We can also bill internal General Ledger accounts for "bill branch" items such as internal use products or for "waived" customer charges.  Each branch or ordering department is assigned a unique account number and receives its own ACH Summary Report each month.  The ACH Summary Report shows your customer's name and account number, ship to name, bill to name and account, invoice total, and ship date.  The ACH Summary Report lists period-to-date as well as year-to-date totals.  It is a clear, concise, and easy to use management tool for your institution! 


Excellent Customer Service!  On-Line Stamp believes in old-fashioned customer service!  We are available toll free Monday - Friday from 8:15 - 4:45 PST for your inquiries and questions.  A trained professional will assist you with any needs you may have.  The most important order we have is yours!