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On-Line Stamp is a division of California Stamp Company located in San Diego, California. Founded in 1892, California Stamp Company has been serving the needs of America's Banking and Business Communities for more than 100 years. On-Line Stamp was introduced in 1994 as a software program designed to facilitate the ordering and billing of customer endorsement stamps. Since then, we have taken our ordering program to the web for easier access by our customers.

On-Line Stamp was created to provide Financial Institutions an alternative supply source for the ordering and processing of customer endorsement stamps. Most institutions order endorsement stamps from the major national check printers or a local stamp shop. The large check printers offer the convenience of ACH Billing and upcharge revenue. However, since most of the national check printers outsource the production of endorsement stamps, the major drawbacks when ordering from them are slow delivery, inflated prices, and limited product selection. On the other hand, most local stamp shops offer somewhat better pricing and delivery. Unfortunately, the local shops do not offer ACH Billing, upcharge revenue, electronic entry, or clear concise reporting required by most Financial Institutions.

On-Line Stamp offers the best of both worlds! We provide the convenience and accuracy of ACH Billing and reporting, upcharge income, on-line ordering, next day shipping, greater product selection, and low base pricing. The use of the On-Line Stamp ordering program is provided at no cost to our customers. There are no contracts to sign. We want to earn your business and are confident you and your customers will be pleased with our products and services. For more information on how we can make your customer endorsement program more accurate, efficient, and profitable while providing superior service, quality, and pricing to your valuable customers contact our Sales Department at 800-352-4494 ext 102.

On-Line Stamp now offers commercial deposit tickets.  All orders ship the next business day at no additional charge via Federal Express Ground.